Fall 2010
Life Drawing II
ART 401-001

link to Life Drawing II ~ Fall 2010 student blog url's and titles

You are required to maintain a blog for Life Drawing II.

The objectives of keeping a class blog are to:
  1. Establish an online presence and identity for yourself as a professional artist and/or designer.
  2. Continue the process of presenting yourself online in a professional and artistic manner.
  3. Practice writing.
  4. Become comfortable and adept at presenting any material (not just design coursework) in a well-designed, visually-pleasing way.
  5. Become part of a community of bloggers (writers/presenters) with your classmates, learn how to participate in an online community by creating, viewing, and commenting on blogs.
  6. Begin to think of a larger audience for your writing and your art and design work. Your work matters to more than your professors and classmates. Your blog is a way to begin presenting your work to the world.
  7. Keep a record of your work throughout the course of the semester.
  8. Using images and writing, show what you have accomplished in the course: that you understand the language of artistic anatomy, structure, space, drawing, etc.

You are required to AT A MINIMUM, by Sunday at 11:00 pm each week during the semester (except for Thanksgiving Holiday):
  1. Write at least 300 words in a reflection of each week's work in Life Drawing (summarizing/analyzing what you learned in the course through in-class work, reading, homework, research, etc.).
  2. Post at least one photo to accompany the reflection: the image may be of one of your drawings or an image you found relevant to the material we're covering in class.
  3. Make at least one comment on another student's blog. You should comment on every other student's blog by the end of the semester (We have just over 20 students in the class; this means some weeks, you will need to comment on more than one blog). Commenting on other blogs will start being due on September 19.
So, each week you need to write a 300+ word reflection and include at least one image. You may post more than that on any Life Drawing or Art & Design related topic.

You also need to make at least one comment on another student's blog each week, and some weeks make a comment on more than one student's blog.

Blogs will be checked each week by my assistant and will be graded upon the following criteria:
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Thoroughness
  • Quality of image/s and design elements
  • Timeliness (did you post each week, on time?)
  • Quality/thoughtfulness of comments on other's blogs