16 September 2009

skull, cross contour

here is a nice cross contour drawing, side view, that i found online.

notice the darker lines of the cheek bone and zygomatic arch and the lighter lines that try to describe the recessed area of the cranium behind them.

also see how the shape below the zygomatic arch is flat and way too dominant in the drawing due to its being filled in with black (too much contrast) and being too closed (comes forward in space, especially with bottom convex edge.

i'd also say a little more size to the cranium especially in back would help even out the proportions, and the angle of the face is more vertical than i like to see it.

the big thing to notice here, is everyone (or almost everyone) shies away from dealing with the cranium when it comes to its 3D form. if you can learn to do this (it is time-consuming and difficult), you will have learned something that many think is too difficult or time-consuming to accomplish.

so... keep working!

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