08 September 2010

welcome & first assignment

Welcome back to you all! I am excited to work with each of you this semester and am looking forward to watching you progress with your drawing skills and understanding of artistic anatomy.

This blog (http://www.lifedrawingtwo.blogspot.com) will be our home base for the semester. Check out the Pages section (a link to each page exists right below the blog header) for the syllabus, final exam times, info on your own class blogs, etc.

Have both of these assignments completed by Saturday, September 11 by 11:00 pm.

Your first assignment for the semester is to create a D2L profile on Learn@Stout. Please include
1) a photo of yourself, and 
2) fill out the website info with your blog's url. 
3) send your blog's url to the Life Drawing II dropbox on D@L.  Do this even if I already have your url from Life Drawing I.

This will help everyone in the class know better who you are and enable us all to find each other's blogs as we need to. All the other information on the D2L profile is optional. Feel free to fill out some/all of the questionnaire about your interests or leave it blank... that part is up to you.

Your second assignment is to read over the syllabus and the blog pages--you will find these near the top of this blog.  

1) Then set up a blog on blogger.com. You can use the blog you used for Life Drawing I and simply continue it, or you can set up a new one. I would like everyone to use blogger this semester, so if you have used another blog service in the past, you can set up a new blogger account or import your former blog into blogger. I am asking this because it makes it easier for everyone to comment on blogs and for all of us to help each other with any blog issues that may come up.

2) Create your first post for Life Drawing II (about 300 words, minimum two photos). You made an introductory post in Life Drawing I, but I'm sure much has happened since then. Update us: what is your concentration? why are you taking Life Drawing II? what do you hope to learn? what are some other projects/artworks you've completed recently? what travel or internships have you done?

Then... pick up any supplies you still need and come ready for drawing on Monday, September 13. Skulls!

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