03 September 2008

advanced life drawing (for those of you taking LD II for the 2nd [or 3rd, or 4th] time)

advanced life drawing students
your assignment:
  1. create your blog as listed in the previous entry.
to begin, as one of your first blog entries, write your answer[s] (as part of a professional space, but also including enough of your own ideas and self in the writing to make it meaningful to you) to the following questions:
  • what would you like to spend at least half (maybe the whole) semester learning about?
  • what field of study does it typically reside in (psychology, biology, english, art history, etc.)?
  • what interests you about it?
  • how will you use/incorporate the figure to explore these questions?
  • what is your planned method of investigation and research?
  • where will you learn about this subject?
  • what media, scale, format, etc. will you use as you create your drawings?

this writing assignment will begin a half-semester project as described below (see images and link below):
  1. create a body of work (due at midterm, approximately October 23) in which you are asking a question, researching a new topic, learning about something you'd like to know more about.
  2. rather than simply creating drawings that are expressive, creative, beautiful, etc. you need to begin with the idea of learning something.
  3. this something does not have to be art-related, though it can be.
  4. find a subject that you'd like to explore, question, learn about, become familiar with through drawing.
  5. research it by reading, observing, and drawing.
  6. refine/redefine your questions about your subject.
  7. create more/finished drawings by midterm.
  8. we will discuss this in more detail in class and have scheduled one-on-one time as well as group critiques.

learning by drawing


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