22 September 2008


assignment for monday, september 29
  1. finish a vertebra/rib connection drawing if you haven't done so
  2. post the written noticing comments you wrote for karen, nou chee, sai, xai, and kalvin on their respective blogs.
  3. karen, nou chee, sai, xai, and kalvin: post images of your vertebra/rib drawings on your blogs so that others can post comments on them.
  4. sue and mike: post images of your homework, including the comments tim e-mailed to you from the class session.
  5. everyone: visit gallery 209 before friday, september 26. there is a show up by several students who studied and made art in germany last year. choose one piece or one series by an artist and spend 30 minutes noticing what is happening in the work. write or speak these noticings (i can show you how to audio comments if you'd like), addressing the artist.
  6. post this writing/audio on your blog with the corresponding images.
  7. e-mail this post to the artist.

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