03 September 2008


life drawing 2 students:

welcome to (one of) our new home(s). and semesters.

i am not shy about my strong dislike of D2L (or learn@stout)--mostly because it is so non-visual. how are artists supposed to learn like that? or have a desire to do so?

this blog is my answer to this. it will be the place to look for assignments, discussions, examples of artists' work, etc. plus anything else i find of interest or relevancy to what we're working on in class or just in general what may interest life drawing artists.

feel free to pass on information and links that i should add.

this blog will, of course, be a work-in-progress, as the semester (and academic year[s]) moves ahead.

so...here's our best to a new semester (fall 2008).


Life_Drawing_Blog_X said...

Xai Lao - Blogspot URL: http://lifedrawing2.blogspot.com/

Kalyn said...

here is my blog yall:)


Anonymous said...

blog me down


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