12 September 2008


assignment for tuesday, before class: read your group members blog posts and respond to each of the other members in your group by leaving a comment on their blogs.

here are a few ideas as you respond to your group members' blog posts:
  • look at their work and read their writing carefully, taking time
  • as you begin to respond, write what you notice about the images/text, what sticks out in your mind, what you appreciate, what you've learned
  • avoid giving advice
  • instead of giving advice, ask questions: what do you still wonder about after looking at their post? what would you like to know more about?
  • while you are responding, think about how you would like to have your images seen and your writing read. what would you want people to ask you about? or notice about your work? what questions would you like them to ask? then use those thoughts to guide your response to others.
  • as i have mentioned a few times, these blogs are yours. individually, and in small groups, and for the larger class. take ownership of this space by being an active, supportive, questioning, thoughtful responder in your small group.

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